Six-Word-Saturday: “Better to be Thought a Fool”

Good morning all. I’m Barabbas and this is Six-Word-Saturday, a Weekly Offering here in response to Debbie’s. It’s a writing prompt started and currently being run by Debbie over on Travel with Intent. Why not check her blog out and participate yourself?

Only a Fool Proclaims Himself “Wise”

Here is her Current I’m still not sure, seeing some of the other entries, whether we need to stay on the photo given. But here is my humble attempt for this week. As you can see, I’ve “sprinkled in” more than one set of Six-Words. Enjoy 🙂

The proverbs for today the 17th.

V26 speaks to what some people today want to do. Drive down the successful, “eat the rich” to make themselves feel “equal” without having to put in the time, effort and Risk to work for their own success. This is based in jealousy and greed not “equity” as they say…though they may not know or admit it. Stop trying to Steal or use the power of the Government to Steal what others have that you want. It’s still Theft.

“Equity” based Taxation is Legalized Theft

V27 speaks to those with a calm, secure and confident knowledge and competence. Those who are always talking, never able to shut up, always wrangling on and on about themselves or their “expertise” rarely have any. These are what the bible calls “Fools”. A little self awareness would go a long way.

Calm Assurance needs no “Flowery” Words

V28 happens to remind me of my mom. Every 17th of the month when I come to this one, I hear my mom saying… “better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt” 🙂

Don’t be a Fool. Shut-up Sometimes.

Enjoy the Day – Barabbas

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