Rules of Engagement

“Keep it above the Belt”

Hi all, Barabbas here. I know I shouldn’t need to say this to Adults, but with a Blog Space comes responsibility to protect and defend good and respectful conversations that might happen from time to time. Here are some Ground Rules that we should already know:

* Be Kind. Speak in the manner and tone you wish others to speak with.

* Don’t Assume the Worst. Misunderstandings and “strawmen” abound on the Internet. Don’t get pulled into an argument with someone not arguing what you think their arguing… (that was exhausting)

* Do. Assume the Best. Assume good intentions, fair exchange and honest inquiry… until proved otherwise. “Innocent until proven guilty” applies here too.

* The “Idiot Rule” does too. When preparing to type or express yourself, take a pre-review of your attitude and/or words. If they could easily be followed by the words.. “… you Idiot”, you might want to ‘re-review’ the first three offerings above. Be Kind.

Lastly… and this shouldn’t be needed either…

* 3 Strikes. I’ll give you three Infractions of these, but if you persist, insist and continue… I will have Zero problem removing you from the Adult Pool.

Pretty simple really. Don’t be “That Guy”. Don’t be the Jerk who nobody wanted at the party but showed up uninvited anyway. Just be Kind, respectful and keep your manners. And we’ll all be better for it. Thx

– Barabbas

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